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Latest Church News

Calvary Missionary has a new Reverend!

Let us meet Reverend Patricia Salmon! Rev. Salmon was ordained as the first woman Reverend of the Missionary Churches Association on Sunday, May 29, 2016.  The ceremony was a beautiful one.  Pastors, family, friends and well-wishers from all over the country came and supported her on this momentous occasion.  Pictures from the ceremony can be found in our gallery.

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Sponsors Needed

As we strive to help our young minds who have decided on furthering their studies we seek sponsors to keep them in school. Please donate to a worthy cause.

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Bible Study - A NEW Time

We have change the Bible Study times form Sunday evening at 6pm to to be held immediately after Church Service on a Sunday Morning

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Let's spread the Good News!

Evangelism Evangelism and Missions forms the very core of Calvary Missionary Church as saving the lost soul is of paramount importance which should not be taken lightly.  It is for this reason why Evangelism and Missions is extended to all arms of the church. We believe that individuals can come to the knowledge of GOD through various experiences. At Calvary Missionary Church Evangelism and Missions is taken to the streets in the form of music and drama. Open air meeting in various communities as well as the handing out of tracks from time to time are ways that Evangelism and Missions are exhibited. Another way it is exhibited is through the formation of a thrift shop and through our yearly pantomime. Evangelism and Missions will always be a powerful tool used in the church and within the community to build the kingdom of GOD.

Our Thrift Shop

Our Annual Pantomime


Online Offering

Please give an offering to the growth of the Church.


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