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Social Outreach
Service Times: 9am
5 Highbury Crescent, Morant Bay, St. Thomas JAMAICA WI
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Latest Church News

Calvary Missionary has a new Reverend!

Let us meet Reverend Patricia Salmon! Rev. Salmon was ordained as the first woman Reverend of the Missionary Churches Association on Sunday, May 29, 2016.  The ceremony was a beautiful one.  Pastors, family, friends and well-wishers from all over the country came and supported her on this momentous occasion.  Pictures from the ceremony can be found in our gallery.

 IMG 5648


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Sponsors Needed

As we strive to help our young minds who have decided on furthering their studies we seek sponsors to keep them in school. Please donate to a worthy cause.

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Bible Study - A NEW Time

We have change the Bible Study times form Sunday evening at 6pm to to be held immediately after Church Service on a Sunday Morning

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Calvary Missionary Basic School

calvary basic 3Calvary Missionary Basic School opens its doors in September 1986. The motto of this school states “WITH GOD FIRST, WE WILL EXCEL”. The school caters for children within the environs and beyond as its early childhood program seeks to uplift the standard of these early students for a better future. Calvary Missionary Basic School’s emphasis is on the development of numeracy, phonetic and reading skills, diction, environmental and social awareness and other areas of stimulation.


Jamaica Foundation For Lifelong Learning


Calvary Missionary Church has always catered for the education of its members and those in and around the community. We saw it necessary to cater to those who needed a second chance at learning to read and write. Calvary started its Jamaica Fooundation for Lifelong learning class (JAMAL) in 1999 with six students and this has grown considerably. Persons from these classes have improved so much and have gained acceptable standards after completing their achievement surveys that the class is becoming a household name. The programme continues to pose a challenge as this class caters for young adults most of whom do not attend the church and they are not Christians. There is therefore the need for spiritual upliftment and guidance. Praying has become an integral part of ensuring that they not forget where they are and who GOD is.


Calvary Missionary church has made a positive impact on the Jamaica Foundation For Lifelong Learning (JFLL) and it has changed the lives and attitudes of many and will continue to do so as individuals seek to better themselves in a changing world. Our own church members are the teachers and of this class and have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share.


The Caring Club

care Club

Calvary Missionary Church has a Care Club and it is through this sublime and interactive social outreach program that we are able to meet the less fortunate or those of us who have fallen on bad times and we all do from time to time. Calvary Missionary Church believes in catering for the needs of its members and those who are in need in the wider community because once we have done this it is easier to spread the word of GOD to them. With a contrite spirit and a grateful heart many members donate to this club and a benevolent fund is also collected in aid of the sustenance of the club. The Care Club is always open for assistance as we continue to reach the many that are unfortunate among us within the wider community. The Care Club stands as an arm that continues to do what Christ has mandated us to do which is to take care of the less fortunate among us and to spread the word of GOD to every crevice and corner of the world.


Our Location in Jamaica

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