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Sunday School
Service Times: 9am
5 Highbury Crescent, Morant Bay, St. Thomas JAMAICA WI
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Calvary Missionary Sunday School

DSCI1177DSCI1187Calvary Missionary Church Sunday School starts a new year every September to coincide with the academic/ school year.DSCI1179  Each new Sunday School year, the members and visitors are channeled to a class depending on their age. There is a class for everyone, from the very young to the “not so young”. The Sunday school is made up of 13 classes with one teacher and a teacher’s assistant with a total of approximately 200 members. The Sunday School Department is responsible for the following activities every year.DSCI1170


Calvary Missionary Sunday School has been growing from strength to strength each year. As we minister to the members of the Sunday school we do so by using a theme and we pray that God will be seen in and through us as we teach and evangelize children and adults alike. We pray that God will continue to be glorified and people will continue to be saved and sanctified through the blood of JESUS.DSCI1182DSCI1190

Our Location in Jamaica

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